Our Fellows are almost to the halfway point in their Fellowship. Want to know how they’re doing? Read below! 


Brandon Iracks-Edelin – United Philanthropy Forum, Washington, D.C

Being at United Philanthropy Forum has been a great learning experience for me in regards to the nonprofit world, philanthropic sector, networking, and how to incorporate the racial equity, diversity, and inclusion lens to philanthropic work and grantmaking. I am with a small team which allows me to not only learn about the work that they do in depth, but also picking up skill sets that I make use of moving forward with my professional development.



Emma Jackson – The Resolution Project, New York, NY

As a Newman’s Own Fellow with the Resolution Project in New York City, I am not only learning the operational side of an international nonprofit, I am actively helping to change the world by supporting an ever-expanding global network of young social entrepreneurs. This Fellowship is a fantastic stepping-stone into the professional realm and has taught me so much about how the social sector works as well as what young graduates like myself can do to improve it.


Jennifer Peacock – Center for Native American Youth, Washington, D.C.

My three months serving as Newman’s Own Foundation Fellow at the Center for Native American Youth at the Aspen Institute has been remarkably impactful. Working on various projects from webinars to curriculum development, I feel that I have slowly began the process of evolving into a young professional in the field. To be involved with a program that truly makes decisions based on its mission has been wonderful.






Raq Massey – Posse Foundation, New York, NY

“Being at the Posse Foundation has been an experience. While there is a learning curve to everything, my teams have supported me in getting through it with grace and learn a lot in the process. I love the vast array of projects I get to work on and the profound conversations I have been able to have with the mentors I have found. In learning more about my organization and seeing how it strives to live out its mission, I have been able to learn more about my own passions and skill sets. While I do not fully know where these discoveries will lead me, I am excited to continue my year here.”



Amaryst Parks – ReCenter, Hartford, CT

At RE·Center Race & Equity in Education, I am learning how to recognize, challenge, and dismantle racist and oppressionist thinking and doing in myself as well as in others and in systems we all operate within and around. I am truly grateful to be involved in their journey to equity and to be able to bring my full and authentic self to such a loving and devoted workspace. Being in community with the RE·Center network has added such knowledge, love, and healing into my life that I did not think possible from a “workplace.” I wouldn’t want to learn about the non-profit sector anywhere else. Thanks to Newman’s Own for enabling me such a wonderful year of learning and professional development!



Sharon On – Net Impact, Oakland, CA

Working at Net Impact as a NOF Fellow has been a really wonderful experience so far! I am learning a lot about the intersections between different industries, social impact, and sustainability. Since I’ve started working here, I have gained knowledge and insight on the non-profit sector, learned about what goes into planning, organizing, and executing a three day conference, participated in the development of resources for our Chapter community, and spoke with individuals from all around the world on their ideas about leaving a positive impact in their communities. I am inspired everyday by the people that I work with and their passion to make the world a better place. I am so excited to keep learning and growing with NOF and Net Impact!




Kendra Cornelis – Refuge Point, Boston, MA

As a Newman’s Own Fellow, I have had the incredible opportunity to learn about all different aspects of my organization and what it really takes to make a nonprofit run. My co-workers and supervisors have been incredibly supportive and encouraging and I have been able to work on multiple, fascinating projects that directly correspond to my interests and passions.





Cindy Cruz – Tahirih Justice Center, Washington, D.C.

“Home. Tahirih has become a home away from my own. When you wake up every day filled with purpose because you know that you are serving a bigger one than your very own, that is when you know that you are truly in a space in which you belong. My job at Tahirih has been filled with many unforgettable moments including the privilege of serving women and young girls fleeing domestic violence from their countries, or here in the United States. My experience at Tahirih has included advocating for those who have been left in the shadows. As part of the legal team, we are constantly providing our clients a platform to fight with dignity, certainty, and confidence. I am very thankful for the opportunity to be doing this work with a community so close to my heart. There is truthfully no place like home. And Tahirih is mine…”



Taiyiana Robinson

Taiyiana Robinson – Broad Community Connections, New Orleans, LA

“My time at Broad Community Connections has been great! I’ve had the chance to organize with SPROUT NOLA, which is a part of our ReFresh Project, to help rebuild and repair our local food system by hosting gardening hours for the community and organizing our local farmers market!”








Olivia Korth – Wholesome Wave, Bridgeport, CT

Being the Newman’s Own Foundation Fellow at Wholesome Wave has been nothing like I could have expected, and everything I could have hoped for. Challenging, fun, supportive, weird, impassioned, powerful…you name it, I live it every day when I come into work at Wholesome Wave.







Evelyn Gonzalez – Campus Compact, Boston, MA

I remember my first day, July 9, 2018. I felt a little nervous going to work, living in a new city using public transportation, I made sure to leave 2 hours early from home just in case I got lost. — I have now been working with Campus Compact for four months and all my anxiety has become excitement and joy. I love waking up every morning knowing I go into an office that is diverse, full of energy and is making a difference in Higher Education. I have had a spear of growth personally and professionally during the time I have spent here. Campus Compact has supported me during the times I have felt homesick and during the days I was not prepared for New England’s weather. Campus Compact has truly refueled my passion for Civic Engagement and Higher Education. (Picture – My first Campus Compact Staff Retreat in Rhode Island).


Neiko Alvarado

Neiko Alvarado – Gay Men’s Health Crisis, New York, NY

“My time at GMHC has been immensely rewarding thus far. To take part in an organization that has such importance to LGBTQ+ history and is doing innovative work to end the HIV epidemic is truly an honor and a privilege. I have gotten the opportunity to use my skills to spur social change for those who are most in need. As a Newmanitarian, I cannot think of a better way to spend my day-to-day.”