For more information, from the Fellows perspective, check out our Fellow FAQ, here.

Who are the Host Organizations and how do I apply?

The host organizations are selected from Newman’s Own portfolio of grantees and are working in the following focus areas: food and nutrition, empowerment, children with life-limiting illnesses, and encouraging philanthropy. Hosting a NOF Fellow is a competitive process; interested host organizations must submit an in depth application to NOF which is reviewed and approved by NOF. Please email us here if interested.

How do we get a Fellow to join us?

Newman’s Own does the recruiting of the Fellows through an application process that includes, the application, references, interviews and more. By the time they interview with you they’ve been fully vetted.

What is expected from the Host Organization?

Each Host Organization provides their Fellow with hands on experience and gives them exposure to leadership within their organization. The Fellow must be assigned a direct supervisor that is responsible for the development of a work plan that will help the Fellow set and manage project related priorities, deadlines, and timelines. It is also expected that the supervisor will meet with the Fellow regularly to discuss progress, successes, and challenges.

Whenever possible, an internal mentor should be given to the Fellow. The mentor should not be the direct supervisor, but instead a different leader within the organization. Fellows are a part of strategic initiatives at their host organization. Newman’s Own covers their stipend and benefits during the year they spend with you.

How vital is it that the host organization provide the Fellow with leadership and professional development opportunities? 

Leadership and Professional Development is an important part of the Fellows experience and in an effort to be intentional about building this into the Fellowship program, the host organization is encouraged to incorporate this into the budget that is submitted to the Foundation during the Grantee Application Process.

Can I offer the Fellow a full-time position after the completion of the 12-month Fellowship? 

Upon completion of the Fellowship the host organization can make a job offer to the Fellow. Post Fellowship employment will not be funded by the Foundation.