Goal: To provide an opportunity for Fellowship alumni to do greater good together by pooling resources, thoughts, and ideas, and to encourage camaraderie, conversation and socialization.

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Congratulations to the first year for the Newman’s Own Foundation Alumni Giving Circle with 13 alumni participating. The group was allocated $25,000 for distribution. Working virtually and communicating online, the group decided on two organizations: $5,000 to Tiwale (a Malawi based organization that empowers women) $20,000 to Running Start (a nonpartisan nonprofit that trains young women to run for political office)
To learn more about Tiwale please click here. To learn more about Running Start please click here.

I love the group dynamics. Our pool of applicants were diverse because of the groups experiences and connections so vast! I loved this! I appreciate this space and I would love to participate and grow the program in an efficient way.


BELOW is a list of local volunteer opportunities (CT). An announcement on ways to get involved from Hole in the Wall Gang Camp is located here at their Volunteer Opportunities webpage.

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