Our mission of the NOF Fellowship Alumni Association is to encourage alumni to participate actively in the nonprofit/ philanthropic sector, inspire them to pursue further professional development, to give back to the community, to use NOF as a resource, and to continue on the values of Paul Newman.

The common purpose of NOF’s Fellowship Alumni Association is to foster a professional network between all Fellowship alumni and to maintain a connection with the NOF family post their Fellowship experience. To create the freedom to dream of ways to give back to the community, while having the support, trust & respect of the entire alumni network. To provide Fellows with continued quality professional development opportunities, all the while, having some serious fun.


Our Vision is to engage the greatest possible number of NOF Fellowship alumni by offering a diverse range of value added resources to best support the alumni in continuing their personal and professional development.

Consistent with the core values of Newman’s Own Foundation, the NOF Fellowship Alumni Association will provide alumni with meaningful opportunities to:

Foster inclusivity and community, by staying connected to the NOF family and growing relationships with other alumni;

Receive valuable resources to enhance their lives and careers; and

Give back:
Supply opportunities either for alumni to give back to the community individually, or collectively as a group.