Changing the World Through Food

For my fourth birthday, my dad made me a step stool. He sawed, hammered, and painted it white, then placed it on the kitchen floor next to where my mother stood. I climbed up those 2 handcrafted steps, and finally…finally, I was tall enough to see into the mixing bowl all on my own. Ever since that day, my passion in life, has been food.

The first step I took into the professional world of food brought me to Bridgeport CT, as a Newman’s Own Foundation Fellow working for Wholesome Wave. What we do at Wholesome Wave is simple — we get fruits and veggies to people who can’t afford them. By increasing the amount of fresh produce that low-income people living in America can access and afford, we help families eat better and feel better. We give our users Produce Purchasing Power — not just a handout, but the ability to choose which foods you buy and take your health into your own hands.

My Fellowship with the Newman’s Own Foundation introduced me to the reality of food insecurity in the United States. I chose to take my Fellowship year at a food equity organization, in hopes of helping just one of the 40 Million hungry people living in the U.S. today be able to afford a healthy meal for their family. Undying support for my mission continues to reach me from every possible angle; the change-hungry staff at Wholesome Wave, my beautiful family, but most importantly – from the empowered and driven cohort of NOF Fellows that have my back.

Today? I work to make sure that every person in America has access to affordable fruits and veggies.

Tomorrow? I’m not quite sure yet. Here’s the kicker, friends: that’s okay!

From the moment I stepped up to the counter beside my mother, I began my life-long journey to make people happy through food. To me, food acts as the catalyst that brings families together after a long day, pulls bittersweet memories from the depths of our minds, nourishes our bodies, pushes us to think outside the box. Comforting and challenging in the same bite, food serves as humanities’ connection between our bodies and the world around us. I can’t wait to discover all the ways that I will change the world through food.

By Liv Korth – NOF Fellow at Wholesome Wave, Bridgeport, CT