The Future and Now

His goal? To be an enterprising force for building resilient communities and global social change.

Right now? I’m a Newman’s Own Foundation Fellow at Connecticut Public Broadcasting Network, a public media organization dedicated to serving diverse communities with a mix of educational, news, public affairs, children’s, and entertainment programming and services. From developing education programming, creating promotional videos, facilitating outreach initiatives, and much more, I feel that my capacity to propel an organization forward has increased tremendously.

This experience has given me the opportunity to delve into some of the challenges and day to day operations of a successful nonprofit, specifically within public media. This has been an enriching experience, and I’ve been able to connect with and support leaders in different departments. However, it is the combination of all of my experiences post-undergrad – enrolling in the University of Hartford to complete a course in organizational behavior and management, volunteering to enrich the lives of local youth, participating in a number of conferences with a focus on equity, impact and philanthropy, and pursuing an additional certification in personal training – that has me optimistic about my growth mindset and excited about the life of impact I have ahead.

I value the transparency I’ve seen from the leadership team here, as far as community strategy updates and calling on employees from different departments  to work with one another as a team and community to address our challenges. Not only am I more mindful of the role different organizations want to play in the world, but the network I’ve developed, along with the new perspective I have is invaluable.



The featured photo is of me at my desk!