During the induction ceremony for the NOF 2016-2017 cohort, the photographer said, “What do you do when you realize you’re a Newman’s Own Foundation fellow?” Our response is the photo above! This photo was taken in the response to the beginning of a fellowship that is now reaching its end.

The Food Trust (Philadelphia, PA):

Throughout this fellowship, I planned on being an advocate for youth voices and community-based solutions, supporting the development of youth minds and their future. Though a continuous project, I had a promise to social impact. I am proud of the small feats that I have made while working in the trenches of youth development, policy and advocacy. I have great memories of amusing conversations while making tea in the kitchen. I’ve been lucky enough to experience the many chefs at The Food Trust. At least once a week, there is a homemade snack! Weekly meetings with the whole company discussing department projects are part of the culture and I love it. There was always a shared excitement in each other’s successes. The mission of this organization is noble and well respected in Philadelphia and nationwide. I believe in access to health and all of the very real intentional ignored implications that stop people from it. Therefore, I thank The Food Trust for the space to work in something that I believe in.

Tribute to the Newman’s Own Foundation:

I hope for a bright future where my endeavors and dreams become a reality and I am blessed with the stepping stone that is this Newman’s Own Foundation fellowship. Thank you to the Newman’s Own Foundation for the network that I’ve acquired. I’ve met many individuals who have given me sound advice and guidance on my current work and next steps. The people that sit on the top of the list are those in my cohort: an absolutely wonderful group of young professionals who have an amazing future ahead of themselves. I am happy to have played role in their path of greatness.

Tribute to the Newman’s Own Foundation Fellows 2016-2017:

Take a moment to realize that time flies by fast!

Take a moment to realize that we are working hard!

Realize that who we were yesterday is not who we are presently!

We’re growing! We’re changing beautifully!

Take a moment to realize that we have so much to do!

Take a deep breath because you’ve done just enough today!

Take a moment to receive and accept my hugs and gratitude.

For at this moment, I love you all…

The future? Next Steps? The Newman’s Own Foundation along with my work at The Food Trust has strengthen my need to continue growing in the healthcare profession, excel in health-focused access services, and develop world class preventative health models. I have not found exactly where my next stepping stone is but I am confident something stupendous will present itself soon enough…

Until then….


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This featured picture was taken during the induction ceremony for the Newman’s Own Foundation 2016-2017 Fellow cohort. Starting from the left you have Alleyah (NOF Fellow), Aiyana (GHP! Program Coordinator at The Food Trust), YOURSELF TRULY IN ALL EXCITEMENT, Aunnalea (GHP! Program Manager at The Food Trust) and Davante (NOF Fellow).