Better than I Was

If you could make the whole world do good, would you do it?

My cohort, “the fellows,” have made commitments to serving the world. Commitments to making the world better than it was handed to them. They are good people, doing good work. Dorchestan loc queen Amethyst and the plaid bearing rocker Ariel hope to ensure access to healthy foods, Alleyah,  PG County’s most resilient and Eugenié of Little Haiti, Miami, Floridian work to ensure health is held most high. And Abbisola, the actual New Yorker of the cohort (though I’m on my way), with her captivating personality works to ensure others also do their fair share of good work.

In my cohort are Njideka and Sarah’s peaceful yet intensely passionate voices for an equitable and just world for all regardless of ability or their standing in the world. With their warmth and tenaciously driven spirits, our Bostonian-Bucknellian Cheyenne and pensive Uber driver Dale are responsible for our constant reminder to stay on point at all times. And our selfless Italian Elisa challenges us to think more broadly than the American context. Lea, the introspective journalist and Bettina, our policy writing-designer-editor of an annual report insist on making sure that everyone’s story is told whether it’s for those who are suing ICE or Native American youth. My cohort is doing good work.

Throughout my fellowship placement with The Posse Foundation, I am helping to support those who may typically be overlooked by the traditional college admissions process. I am engaging in conversations about social theory and helping bring that conversation nationwide. I am exploring, creating, designing, and implementing programs, workshops, and initiatives. Because of Posse, Newman’s Own Foundation, and my cohort, I am better than I was and will be better than I am.

To say this year was hard for me would be a lie. I am so lucky and privileged to have such wonderful organizations in my corner because they believe in me. Such kindness gives me faith for a greater future. Such graciousness encourages me to dedicate my life to always do for others.

So, if you could make the whole world do good, would you do it? What would a world where people always did good for others look like?

In great hopes,


The  featured image is of me in the office!