Breaking Grounds In Italy


As you already know my name is Elisa (not EliZA as some may think) and I am a proud Fellow of Newman’s Own Foundation. I attended Bocconi University in Milan where I obtained my Bachelors degree in Management with a specialization in Social Business. I am currently living in Milan with my cat and my boyfriend, and  I’m working with Dynamo Academy, a sister of Dynamo Camp Onlus Association.

Dynamo Camp is a therapeutic recreation camp, the first one in Italy to provide free accommodation for vacation periods, specifically designed to host children and teens suffering from serious illnesses, during the treatment or in post hospitalization (check out this very beautiful video in English to give you an idea). Dynamo Academy is a social enterprise originated through the experience of Dynamo Camp. We work with corporate partners on social entrepreneurship and corporate citizenship, providing a variety of consulting services from design and organization of ad-hoc consulting projects to employee engagement initiatives. The best thing is, that the proceeds of Dynamo Academy corporate initiatives are given back to Dynamo Camp towards fulfilling its mission.

The main theme of my job is focused in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Italy. Quick fact: Italy’s history of corporate citizenship and philanthropic initiatives began around the time of the Industrial Revolution (1760 e il 1830 ). During the last two decades, the scope and role of foundations have expanded significantly.  As of 2015, nearly 80% of Italian medium and large-sized companies have been involved in CSR programs and activities. Also the Italian government recently became more involved in CSR with the implementation of the National Action Plan from 2012-2014.

But am I working on exactly?! Dynamo Academy, in collaboration with Bocconi University, is launching the first Italian research on “Corporate Giving in Italy” entirely devoted to Corporate Philanthropy and, as I mentioned to you,  am part of the team that is responsible for this survey. The survey is modeled on CECP’S “Giving in Numbers” and “Giving Around The Globe” surveys. CECP (Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy)  is a CEO-led coalition founded in 1999 by someone you may know (Paul Newman)!

What is the survey about? The research will focus on Corporate Philanthropy in Italy, that is: the overall of donations in cash or goods provided by the company or by an affiliated foundation to it (corporate foundation) in favor of utility projects. In particular the research is divided into five sections:

  1. Contributions and donations
  2. International Disbursements
  3. Employee Involvement
  4. Office management of donations
  5. Evaluation

The survey is available for Italian medium and big companies or Italian branches of international companies.The survey is quite long and detailed, it requires minimum two hours to complete, but our goal is to have 70 companies complete the survey.It is a very challenging project, but these efforts are totally worth it. It will be launched next week (!) and it will remain open till the 31st of March. The results will be presented during our CEOs Business For The Common Good Conference in June at Dynamo Camp.

Soooooooo guys, what else to say!??! HOPING everything will be fine and the survey will give us a completely new and very-super-mega interesting view on the business for the common good in Italy. Keep you updated and waiting for you to come to Italia!



“By Corporate Social Responsibility we mean the intention of a company to adopt socially responsible behavior, meeting economic, environmental and social expectations of all stakeholders, thus becoming a means for sustainability.”

(From the Dynamo Academy website. Check out the new website, online February 13th

The featured image is of Fellow Elisa (left) and the Managing Director of Newman’s Own Foundation, Kelly Giordano (right)