My Promise to Social Impact

Sak ap fet?! (“How are you?!” in Kreyòl/Haitian Creole)

My name is Eugénie and I am the fellow placed at The Food Trust in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am a descendant from Haiti: the pearl of the Caribbean. I grew up in a cul de sac called Little Haiti within Miami, Florida. I graduated from Mount Holyoke College with areas of study in Anthropology, Africana Studies, and Public Health.

Based on my placement, it would not be far-fetched to assume that I love anything to do with food. Food plays a direct role into our daily living, heritage, culture, personal and collective history.  Also, I can’t ignore the simple fact that I love to eat. The Food Trust, in its 25 years of work, strives to advocate affordable and healthy food to all communities. I work between two departments:Youth Leadership and Get HYPE Philly!.

I believe social impact only has value when the constituents affected feel as though they have contributed to a systemic sustainable change. I know what fuels the work that I do has nothing to do with me. It stems from being part of a community that allows me to help in making their social impact movement sustainable. It is the reason why I am grateful for being the Fellow at The Food Trust, where community driven sustainable movements are encouraged. My promise to social impact strengthened during my first day of work at the 2016 Democratic National Convention Philly Feast! hosted by The Food Trust.

I was out in the field, informing people that there is a city council composed exclusively of youth who gather and discuss real issues and solutions on behalf of their communities. Also, that in one year of their council, through the work of the youth leaders, schools, communities and The Food Trust, they were promised three hydration stations in all of the Philadelphia schools. It was beautiful to see so many individuals support the youth’s work.

Looking forward, I plan on being an advocate of the youth’s voices and  community-based solutions supporting the development of their minds and the future. I have a promise to social impact and it is just beginning. Please hold me accountable as you see fit but I don’t tend to break my promises.

Until next time please visit, add, like, share my department, Get HYPE Philly! Website, twitter, and instagram as you see fit.  Feel free to also visit various media of The Food Trust: website, facebook, twitter, and instagram .


The featured photo is me working at Made in America. It was my first time ever attending. I think once is enough.

Below Photo:

(LEFT)Yours truly! (RIGHT) Priscilla Torres, HYPE Student Leader. Priscilla and I are working and enjoying the festivities of HYPE Fest which is an end of year gathering for HYPE summer student participants and partners.

Photo Below: Out in the Field!

(LEFT) Annalea Grove, Get HYPE Philly! Program Manager (MIDDLE) Yours truly!, Get Hype Philly! Nutrition Policy Liaison (RIGHT) Aiyana Potts, Get Hype Philly Project Coordinator

First day of work at the 2016 Democratic National Convention Philly Feast! hosted by The Food Trust.