In 2015, Newman’s Own Foundation launched a 12 month paid Fellowship program to help develop the next generation of leaders in the nonprofit sector and create a more diverse pipeline of talent for this sector.

Fellows are placed for a 1-year period at a host nonprofit organization that will provide them with hands on experience and give them exposure to leadership within these organizations.

Fellows will work on key strategic initiatives at the host organizations and develop a better understanding of the sector. 

The Fellowship experience is designed to provide young emerging leaders with the skills and experience that will set them on a path of social impact and using their skills and resources to make the world a better place, whether they decide to pursue a career in the for-profit or non-profit sector.

The program includes an in-person and virtual professional development and leadership program designed in conjunction with nonprofit and philanthropic professionals and experts.

During the Fellowship year, the Fellows have the opportunity to share their Fellowship experience on the NO Good Fellows blog.

The blog has allowed the Fellows to share their thoughts and perspective on various things they have learned, experienced and overcome during their time at their host organization and throughout the Fellowship year.

Through the blog, Fellows find an opportunity to continue to stay connected with one another and read about all the amazing opportunities provided by each host organization.

Learn more about how and why Newman’s Own Foundation gives all profits from the sale of Newman’s Own products to charity.

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